The Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, presented today in a press conference held in the Town Hall 13 projects which will be carried out over the next 18 months and will see an investment of over 28 million euro.
The majority of this investment will come from the private sector (20 million) while the remaining 8 million is from public sector funding with the Town Hall only having to finance €186.244 of this amount. That’s just under 2.3% of all the public sector spending.
Please see table below to see projects





Date of works

Water Park

Costa Esuri

In the coming days the final administrative step will be published in the Andalusian Councils official bulletin. Paving the way for works to start.


Investment of 7-10 million euros

During 2014 to open in Spring 2015


The bank guarantees are going to be demanded in the coming weeks and the money will be used to improve, roads, Green áreas and the water treatment.


5 million euros

Starting first quarter of 2014

Road to Punta del Moral

File has been opened for cumpulsory purchase of land needed to widen road and period set of 46 months


5 million euros

Start after summer season 2014


Refurbishment of the Centre

Department of Education from the Andalusian Council

2 million euros

Summer 2014


Air conditioning

Department of Education from the Andalusian Council

100,000 euros

Summer 2014

Reconditioning Ferry Dock

Reconditioning Ferry Dock area for passengers

Andalucian Council Ministry for Works

1.5 million euros

Already started

Ribera de Gudiana Park & Promenade in Punta del Moral

Recover the area along the Banks of the river and wooden promenades in Caño de la Moharra. Project for tender this month

Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana

Ayamonte town hall, Huelva Provincial council & Guadiana Hydrographical confederation

2 million euros of which the town hall is responsible for 5 per cent

During 2014 and into 2015

New Tourism Office & Canela Mirador

At tender

Huelva Provincial Council

350,000 euros

Spring 2014

Extension to Official School of Languages

Two new classrooms

Ayamonte Town Hall

86,244 euros, 50,000 from the Official School of Languages

First half of 2014 and open for school year2014/2015

Repair of CAMINO DE LA PUENTE & Restoration of Roman Bridge

Over 7.3 km of roads to be repaired and Restoration of Roman Bridge

Huelva Provincial Council


Spring 2014

Water deposit

Completion of Works in front of Dia supermarket

Andalucian Council Ministry for Enviroment

700,000 euros

At tender


Adapt the Casa Grande into Ayamonte’s History Museum

Huelva Provincial Council

1 million euros

First half of 2015


To open in La Plaza shopping centre



In Project stage