There is nothing worse than walking down one of the main streets in Ayamonte and stepping on some dog litter. Ayamonte town hall has tried on numerous occasions to educate dog owners on the disposal of dog litter and although there are many understanding, respectful dog owners there are still a number of owners who are oblivious to the problem.Dog foulingAyamonte town hall has now decided that any dog owner who doesn’t clear up their dog litter will be fined up to €750. The Town Hall Edict published yesterday 24th September 2012 states that each dog owner is responsible for the correct disposal of their dogs litter should they be deposited on a public footpath, garden, park or walk or risk being fined up to €750.
The Deputy Mayor of Works & Environment for Ayamonte Town Hall, Rafael Luna, pointed out that this measure was not brought in as a way of collecting money but simply a way of raising the public awareness that the tidiness and cleanliness of our streets parks and gardens is a portrayal of the towns Identity.