After intense negotiations in Madrid between the Trade Unions and Paradores de Turismo SA an agreement was reached which will save 294 jobs and see only one of the Parador Hotels close its doors for good.ParadorSome 11 hours of meetings and negotiations it has been agreed that the Parador in Ayamonte is to stay open but it will be closed in low season for four months. The change comes after intense protesting by the people of Ayamonte and evidence that Ayamonte Parador is a viable business.
Paradores de Turismo SA announced in December the closure of various hotels throughout Spain claim that the current losses of over 70 million euros were unsustainable. The change in strategy will now see only one hotel close the Parador in Puerto Lumbreras which employs three people full time. However 13 restaurants in the Parador group will now close.
Workers will see their full time contracts changes to seasonal contracts and will have to take a cut of three per cent in their salary. They will also lose their rights to two days paid leave for personal matters. They will also be offered voluntary redundancy package which is more favorable: 25 days pay for year worked with a maximum of 20 months. (Current Spanish law outlines 20 days pay for year worked with a maximum of 12 months).