The dredging of the sand from the Guadiana River estuary is to provide a total of 55,000 cubic metres of sand for Isla Canela Beach.
The dredging which has been ongoing over the last few weeks comes at a cost of 723,000 euros. When complete at the lowest tide the area in question, measuring 1.25km by 60 metres wide, will have a minimum depth of 3.5 metres. The dredging has been an ever present demand among local fishermen for a number of years and various boats have come to ground in the area.
In the coming weeks the dredging will be complete however not everyone has been happy with the results or the fact that heavy machinery was hauling sand to Punta Moral beach during Easter week.
This week in the local newspaper Huelva Informacion it was announced that the central government will construct two wave breakers on Isla Canela to stop the continually erosion that Isla Canela beach suffers over the Winter and Spring months. With a budget of 2.5 million euros and an annual budget for maintenance of 75,000 euros, work is not expected to begin until end of summer season 2016.