It is coming up to local election time and like four years ago, InfoAyamonte would like to put 10 questions to the political parties and what they have planned for Ayamonte should they win.
Three of the four parties answered our questions last time around and coincidence or not the fourth party that failed to return answers also failed to gain a single seat.
All you have to do is e-mail infoayamonte at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your question. Ten questions will be chosen and presented to the political parties for them to answer.
Here are the questions that were asked four years ago and some of them are still valid for this election:

  1. What is the first job you will attend to should you be elected?
  2. How would you rate your party’s work over the last four years?
  3. Why should we vote for your candidature?
  4. What specific plans do you have for Isla Canela?
  5. What specific plans do you have for Costa Esuri?
  6. Do you have plans to improve the public transport system in Ayamonte, more services to Isla Canela and Costa Esuri?
  7. Parking meters have been installed but we are still tormented by non-official parking wardens will you tackle this problem?
  8. Various projects are in the pipeline, water park, Marinas and the Congress Centre which do you see as a priority?
  9. A continual complaint from visiting tourists is that many of the streets in Ayamonte are littered with dog poo, although it may seem trivial considering the current economic crisis, do you have any plans to curb this problem?
  10. After a number of break-ins in holiday homes, will we see an increase in local police to patrol areas like Isla Canela and Costa Esuri in low season?

The latest date to send your question is 30th April.