Ayamonte palm trees have been fighting against the red palm weevil for some time now and the recovery of the palm trees in the Plaza Laguna was welcomed but now they have attacked the palm trees in the Paseo de Ribera. This pest chews away on the inside of the tree and often when the first symptoms appear it is too late to save the tree.

The Red Palm Weevil has wreaked havoc among many palm tree plantations all over Spain and Portugal. I am sure you have seen a drooped palm tree and thought what a pity the owners have let it go however nine times out of ten it’s this weevil that is responsible.

RedPalmWeevilThe female weevil can lay up to 250 eggs and each of these eggs can grow to a full blown adult some 3cm long within 4 months. Sadly the whole lifecycle can take place within the palms bark so it is difficult to detect until you already have a serious problem and the leaves of the palm tree are already beginning to wilt.

It is thought that the Red Palm Weevil found its way to Spain in the late 90’s inside some palm trees which were imported from Egypt and planted in Malaga and Granada.

Ayamonte Town Hall are currently trying to save the trees in question by cutting back the leaves and putting the trees on a course of pesticides which are injected into the bark, with some luck none of these 100 year old palm trees will be lost.