Local Elections 2015 Results

3261 VOTES
2886 VOTES

1. Why should I vote for you party in this election?

RecuperaBecause you can participate in the municipal management more than just voting every  four years but taking part in our meetings and have your say, present a proposal at town hall meetings with only 100 signatures or via a recognised association and take part in questions and answers sessions..

2. Do you think you can help change attitudes towards keeping dogs as pets? It's a beautiful town and the beach is stunning BUT it seems that it's seen as acceptable to allow your pet to poo anywhere and owners have no obligation to pick it up. It's everywhere in Ayamonte and on the beach and will affect tourism.

It’s a beautiful city with a fantastic beach but it seems acceptable to permit dogs to litter anywhere and the owners don’t have the obligation to clean it up. It is all areas of Ayamonte and on the beach and this obviously affects tourism. There are already bye-laws in place for this and we will ensure that said bye laws ae adhered to and if they are not sufficient or outdated we will modify them.

3. What is your position on the future waterpark in Ayamonte?

Not answered.

4. Do you have any specific projects for Costa Esuri?

Expand the timetable of the public transport, Fulfilment of the urban development plan, creation of neighbourhood councils who regulate and supervise the public spending to be executed in the various neighbourhoods, a councillor for the neighbourhoods, and a mobile office for the neighbourhoods, increase in policing, and decentralisation of the cultural spaces.

5. Do you have any plans for dealing with half-finished buildings which have no prospect of being completed?

There is already an existing agreement about this matter, what we will d is to apply it and see if it is effective and if it is not, look for another legal formula to resolve the problem along with technicians.

6. Will the new road to Punta de Moral be completed under your mandate should you be elected?

(We posted it on Facebook) A descent road Yes, demolition of houses No.

7. With the introduction of a fast food outlet on Carretera del Parador there has been a huge increase in litter, would you do anything about this?

We will apply the respective bye laws.

8. There is no place where camper vans can correctly station for the night in Ayamonte, very unlike our Portuguese counterparts, would you promote or seek a place?

Point number 23 in our program.(Checking point 23 in the program. Expansion of Touristic perspective: Creation of a nudist beach, Launch of the approved project for camper van parking spaces. Both commitments will generate an important volume of business.

9. Costa Esuri has a bank guarantee of 4 million being retained by the town hall and another 1.7 million due. When will these funds be released for work on Costa Esuri?

The information that we have is that the amount of the bank guarantee is around 5 million euros although the transparency of the municipal data leaves a lot to be desired. Said funds will be released in accordance to the law and for what they have been designated, not for other matters, it is a subject that we don’t have deep knowledge due to the lack of transparency by the municipal management.

10. When I first came to Ayamonte it used to have a great International Music festival held in August, will this return under your mandate?

We strongly support culture, this festival will return when the economic situation permits or we will facilitate the municipal infrastructures if it is organised via the private sector.