Local Elections 2015 Results

3261 VOTES
2886 VOTES

1. Why should I vote for you party in this election?

CiudadanosWe think you should vote for our party as Ayamonte is asking for a change, the lack of transparency and the large debt is making the management of the Town Hall impossible and we offer a different way of looking at the matter, a solid project based on veracity, transparency, responsibility and viability. But above all we offer a town hall that will take into account the needs of all the residents, not only those of a political sign.

2. Do you think you can help change attitudes towards keeping dogs as pets? It's a beautiful town and the beach is stunning BUT it seems that it's seen as acceptable to allow your pet to poo anywhere and owners have no obligation to pick it up. It's everywhere in Ayamonte and on the beach and will affect tourism.

We believe that town hall should have a campaign to raise awareness and education, the city is for everyone and everyone should look after it, it is one of the pints in our program, we propose the installation of dog litter areas, the opening of a park for dogs. But none of this is possible if until people are aware that all of us should look after our environment.

3. What is your position on the future waterpark in Ayamonte?

We think that all new business ventures in our city that bring with them jobs an also attract more tourism to the area is important, maybe the passing of this project has been too slow and now it depends on private investment..

4. Do you have any specific projects for Costa Esuri?

Our first plan has been to include three residents of Costa Esuri in our list, we consider there is nobody better than residents in the area to identify the current problems, they need a management in the EUC who listen to their needs and voice, that are treated like every other inhabitant of Ayamonte who pay their taxes and have access to a series of services which they are currently lacking: Correct street lighting, regular bus service not limited, the need for health care and a clinic, bringing the Town Hall closer, It is about bringing the town hall into the areas that we consider are currently the almost forgotten. For Cuidadanos in Ayamonte the only way to govern is by attending the citizens with equal rights and obligations.

5. Do you have any plans for dealing with half-finished buildings which have no prospect of being completed?

We foresee the possibility  to oblige developers to comply with the safety and understand that it is their responsibility to close off the sites and keep them clean, avoiding for example like what they are doing in the Parador and using the sites as a parking space.

6. Will the new road to Punta de Moral be completed under your mandate should you be elected?

We know that the road to Punta del Moral is a necessity for road safety, we would carry out a study of the existing project carried out by a different government and where possible decide if there is an alternative option more viable and less detrimental. We are aware of the lack of street lighting and the asphalt condition is at the present time worrying. What we do think that will have to be done is to organise a bargaining table for all the people related and affected by the matter.

7. With the introduction of a fast food outlet on Carretera del Parador there has been a huge increase in litter, would you do anything about this?

There should be a municipal control of public spaces, as we said earlier; we will fine non civic acts like littering the streets. We want Ayamonte to be a clean city, healthy and we will work to make sure it is this way.

8. There is no place where camper vans can correctly station for the night in Ayamonte, very unlike our Portuguese counterparts, would you promote or seek a place?

Exactly, we feel that we are behind our neighbours in Portugal in the subject of parking for camper vans; it would help bring more tourists to our city. In our program we say that we will study the availability of public areas to install a parking area close to the beach similar to those found in Monte Gordo. We will also study the possibility of opening a camping.

9. Costa Esuri has a bank guarantee of 4 million being retained by the town hall and another 1.7 million due. When will these funds be released for work on Costa Esuri?

We feel that just as important that this money is released that then os is given the adequate use in Costa Esuri and that it is not diverted to other matters. Cuidadanos Ayamonte will work with complete transparency and will ensure that the money is destined to the fixed objective. The numbers can always be seen and where they go to, this is one of the basic points of our program, transparent management..

10. When I first came to Ayamonte it used to have a great International Music festival held in August, will this return under your mandate?

In our program we consider that for both inhabitants and tourists that visit us that it us that it is ever so important that this international music festival is revived, it will bring a large influx of people to the streets of Ayamonte and will be a boost for our local businesses and restaurants. We want to strengthen the culture in Ayamonte, we have various project to enrich the city in this aspect.