Only if you have experienced Semana Santa in Ayamonte will you begin to understand the meaning and place it holds in the people of Ayamonte’s hearts. They live it, breathe it and if it rains they cry inconsolably.
The whole town comes together to celebrate Semana Santa and year after year you will see people wait outside the churches and chapels in anticipation of the thrones making their way onto the streets.
The thrones themselves are of incalculable value and the sheer weight of them fully dressed in candles, flowers and sculptures makes you think how can the Costaleros (Throne carriers) carry these loads on their shoulders for hours through many of the streets of Ayamonte.
The Town Hall have put together a short video to give you a glimpse of what Semana Santa feels like in Ayamonte and I would like to thank Toño Méndez for editing and sending me a copy I can use on infoayamonte website. Turn up your sound and click on the video below, I have not translated the video into English but I am sure you’ll find that the music and imagery does all the talking. It's called The Passion in South of the South.