horsemeatMany of our Irish & English readers are well aware of the recent debacle with horsemeat being used in regular supermarket store burgers. With such a wide variety of fresh foods available here in Spain I for one hardly ever buy a beef burger in a supermarket, as for McD or Bking well the odd occasion. That said OCU ( Organizacion de Consumidores y Usarios: a comsumer watchdog organization so to speak) report on hamburgers published yesterday 28th January really opened my eyes.
The OCU tested 20 different brands of burgers from various stores around Spain and you guessed it, horse meat has also made its way into Spanish beef burgers (two out of the twenty contained horse DNA). Burgers have always been suspect as far as I am concerned and although they do eat horse meat in Spain I would prefer to stick to beef, thank you.
The report brought a more worrying fact about burgers to the table, the quality of the meat. Only five out of the twenty had what the OCU would classify as acceptable meat quality, with the majority rating poor or very poor. The main problems of the quality being excess fats, cartilage and tendons and very little meat in the burger contents.
All the above coupled with the excess salt and large amounts of sulphites. The sulphites are not generally a problem but may cause problems when taken by people with asthma or allergies.
Here is the table of the results:

Brand / Supermarket
Price per Kg/€
Meat quailty
Traces of Horse DNA
Alipende 7.34 Not Published Yes
Carrefour 6.11 Very Poor No
Carrefour Manhattan 9.35 Poor No
Carrefour Kids 15.83 Very Poor No
El Corte Inglés 9.78 Very Poor No
El Pozo Selección 10.42 Poor No
EMCESA 7.63 Not Published No
Eroski Basic 5.88 Very Poor Yes
Granja Los Tilos 10.23 Very Poor No
Granjero (Coren) 13.30 Acceptable No
Martinez Loriente (Mercadona) 6.02 Poor No
Natural Fresh (Lidl) 5.38 Poor No
Raza Nostra Basic 13.57 Acceptable No
Raza Nostra Buey Gallego 21.43 Very Good No
Roler Big Burger 8.28 Poor No
Roler Clasica 6.68 Very Poor No
Roler Mickey 13.93 Poor No
Roler Summum 12.51 Very Good No
Rustico (Lidl) 5.71 Very Poor No
Villa del Monte (Alcampo) 6.45 Very Poor No