Alberto Fernandez leader of the Partido Popular in Ayamonte was sworn in today Saturday 13th June as Mayor of Ayamonte with the votes of his own party and the vote of Gemma Martin Flores of the Partido Andalucista.
The investiture which was held in the Cardenio Theatre in order to let the maximum amount of people to witness the voting for the new Mayor. After the seventeen  town councillors were sworn in, nominations for Mayor were asked for and each party except the Partido Andalucista nominated their own party leader for the post. Then an open vote for each nomination was held with Alberto Fernandez receiving his party’s seven votes plus the vote of Gemma Martin Flores. With an overall majority at 9 votes but with both the Izquierda Unida and Recuperamos Ayamonte supporting their own candidate, the Partido Popular candidate Alberto Fernandez was declared Mayor as they were also the most voted party in the May 24th Election.
Next each of the parties were given their chance to speak about their plans fr the following 4 years, Here is a summary of each speech.

Manuel  José Arenas: Recuperemos Ayamonte
ManoloManuel outlined that a change was obvious for Ayamonte and he was sorry it could be with him and that the people of Ayamonte had spoken and wanted a new organisation within the Town Hall. He pointed out that Recuperemos Ayamonte was not a political party but a municipal party which would work for Ayamonte. He wanted the town hall to be in touch with the population and to take care of those people who were facing eviction, who can’t pay their electricity and water bills and were struggling to survive. He thanked the people for their support and promised that he would continue to work for the people of Ayamonte.

Gemma Martin Flores of the Partido Andalucista.
GemmamartinGemma also made it clear the need for change and to tackle the cultural, social and economic crisis in Ayamonte. She said the previous 4 years under POE had a flawed management model and the Pa as a party had a choice to work in isolation or to be part of a solution. For that reason she decided to support the PP candidate and it was not an easy route and won’t be an easy route as some of the PP polices as contrary to the PA beliefs. Gemma aslo recogineds that with the number of votes her party polled on May 24th it was clear that the people didn’t want the PA to be Mayor but wanted the needs of the people and the town to be taken care of. After 33 years being part of the town Hall Gemma said she wanted to put Ayamonte where is deserved to be.

Juan Jose Santana Izquierda Unida Ayamonte
SantanaJuan Jose started asking for the PP to apologise for their attack on the IU four years ago when they supported the most voted list. Today under the same scenario the Partido Popular are in power. Juan Jose reiterated that he would be in opposition but that it would be in a constructive format and was willing to listen to all proposals which were for the good of the people of Ayamonte. His parting line was “In a Game of Thrones not all is valid”.

Antonio Rodríguez Castillo Of PSOE Ayamonte
AntonioAntonio congratulated all the new councillors on their appointment and outlined that never before has a winning mayor had the same number of seats as the main opposition party, a precarious situation. He also pointed out that although there was a majority of left party councillors and he tried to form a tri-party consensus, it was not possible in Ayamonte and he would not be the one to detail why.
He said he would grant the new Mayor the first 100 days grace in office  and called the PP electoral program ambitious and from his point of view impossible. He also asked that the PP do not make opposition to the opposition and that they approve the proposals they make which are for the good of Ayamonte.
Finally Antonio thanked the people of Ayamonte for their Support and the Support that allowed him to rule Ayamonte for two terms of office and apologised for any errors he may have committed and looked forward to form the opposition with honesty and loyalty at the forefront.

Alberto Fernandez PP Leader and Mayor Of Ayamonte
AlbertoAlberto stared thanking everyone for the opportunity they have bestowed upon him and thanking Gemma Martin Flores for supporting his candidature.
He said he doesn’t like lies and that with work and common sense in the town Hall he was convinced that Ayamonte will find its way forward.  There are no magic wand and no promises of jobs or favours; he is here to work for and with the people of Ayamonte.
He apologised to the PSOE party for any insults he may have made in the past which entered in the personal lives of the party members. He also recognised that maybe four years ago that the IU were right and it wasn’t his time to be mayor with the formation of a tri-party.
Alberto said that the PP had been losing for years in Ayamonte and thanked Ayamonte for giving him the opportunity now, he also gave a special mention to the late Emilio Lechuga and former leader of the PP in Ayamonte.
Alberto next outlines his plans for the Town hall: Transparency in the accounts, Budgets published on a yearly basis, creation of employment and investment in Ayamonte, Completion of the road to Punta del Moral without the demolition of houses, Opening of the Congress centre but with business based in the location, making the beaches of Ayamonte a place to be at least 9 months of the year with hotels and businesses open a longer season and bringing life back into Ayamonte.
Alberto said he knows there are difficult times ahead and he thanked his family for supporting him and looks forward to a time when he stands down as Mayor and walks through the streets of Ayamonte with his head held high because then he will know that he has achieved what he set out to do 22 years ago when he started in politics “To return Ayamonte to the place it deserves”.