La Casa Grande
"Ayamonte's Art gallery and much more"

The Casa Grande situated on Calle Huelva in front of the Plaza de Rosario in Ayamonte was built in 1745 for Manuel Rivero González (El Pintado) and his wife Juana Inocencio Díaz.

The fascade is made of oyster stone, an expensive building material which is more common in Cadiz. As Manuel Rivero was a wealthy trader and had ships in Cadiz , it was these ships that brought the oyster stone to Ayamonte both for use in the building of the Casa Grande and in the Mill (see Ecomuseum El Pintado).

casagrande5The house (casa) is built around a central patio which is surrounded by marble pillars and decorated arches. It fell into disrepair in the early 20th Century but the Town hall later bought the property and has restored it to its former glory. It now serves as the cultural centre for the town. On the ground floor there is a gallery which has been the site of many itinerary exhibitions over the last few years.

On entering the Casa Grande you can walk straight into the patio and to your left is the stairs which brings you to the Jiménez Barberi Municipal library on the first floor. Also on your left is a gallery which has a wooden and glass floor with huge amphoras, just like the ones El Pintado (the marked one) used while trading with the Americas.

Depending on the time of year the doors to the external patio, which in recent years was refurbished with Portuguese calcada, are open. Take a stroll out and have a look at the landscape tiles by local ceramic artist Joaquin de la Pascua

On the first floor there is a wide variety of paintings by local artists on show and it also houses some visiting exhibitions. It is always worth a visit as there is always something new to see and also to see the posters that have been used in Ayamonte’s famous carnivals.

The Casa Grande has a theatre (seats approximately 250 people) which is often used for presentations or the projection of films.

The Casa Grande is open Monday to Friday 09.00 – 14.00 & 16.30 – 21.30, Saturdays 09.30 – 14.30.