The Guadiana Eurocity (La Eurociudad del Guadiana) which comprises of Ayamonte, Castro Marim and  Vila Real de Santo Antonio have put forward a proposal to both Spanish and Portuguese governments for a cycling path over the international bridge.
The Spanish government already have a project to reform the bridge which has a budget of 14.6 million euros.
The members of the Eurocity Guadiana currently feel that the bridge is the only obstacle blocking the free travel of bicycles along and over the Guadiana. Currenty the only leag way to cycle form Ayamonte to Vila Real de Santo Antonio is by using the ferry.
In May 2015 The Eurocity will celebrate its second anniversary and the Eurocity committee are currently working on an extensive program of events which will include: Exhibitions, tournaments and many more events. As soon as Infoayamonte is informed we will publish in the events guide.